5 Amazing Tips To Make Your Office Christmas Party EPIC – 2 Min Read

Christmas planning season starts soon and some of you have already begun! Here are some of our top tips for planning your office Christmas party and making it a big hit with everyone.

1.  Sharing Parties

Do you only have a few people in your business? Are you a small business or even self-employed?
If so then you should not miss out!
By working with other local businesses or even those you may share a building with, you too can have a great party.
It means you split costs and use it as an opportunity to network, socialise and plan to work together in the future.

2.  Planning Ahead

When should you start planning your party?
This answer will change for everyone but don’t leave it too late!
If you liked the venue you were at last year, book it as soon as possible. Loved the entertainment? Speak to them now before they are unavailable. The meal planning can come later but knowing where and when will save you money and headaches in the long run!

3.  The Entertainment

Speaking of entertainment.
Enquiring early is the best way to guarantee you get what you deserve. We have our Christmas Party information available all year round (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE). Some bookings take place days after the last event!
In 2018 we provided entertainment to over 100 different companies around the UK. Some sharing parties and others by themselves.
CLICK HERE to Get In Touch today and we will work out the best package to suit your needs and budget.

4.  Picking the Right Venue

So where do you have your party?
Some people go to a local pub, others rent out whole golf clubs or hotels.
Once you know the rough numbers, then decide what kind of party you are going to have.
Are people likely to be going out afterwards? If so then look at venues with easy taxi access or short walks from nightclubs.
What about the food? Does it HAVE to be a Christmas roast or will a buffet suit your needs better?

5.  Scheduling

This is something that is often overlooked on the night so much but will save you so much stress!
Plan, plan and plan again!
A checklist for people who have made their meal choices and running order for the night. This will make everyone’s lives easier.
Always allow a little extra time for the food and know that not everyone will arrive when expected.
You will look like a superhero when someone asks you a question and you have the answer straight away.

So there you have it. 5 simple tips that will make this years Christmas party EPIC. Make sure to check us out on Facebook (CLICK HERE) and share this page with your office party planner!