5 Ways To Destress Your Wedding Planning – 3 Min Read

Planning your wedding can be a very stressful time.
But it doesn’t have to be, with our 5 quick tips below, you can take the stress off your shoulders and enjoy the process!
These are some of our favourite tips from working with hundreds of wedding suppliers.

1. Limit Your Options

There are so many things you can have at your wedding. A quick Google search for “wedding entertainment” shows 2.1 BILLION results!
Discussing with your partner what you both want and what you don’t want will save you so much time later.
It can be very liberating to say no to certain things.
By saying no to one idea can free up your budget for something else or saving you some money for the honeymoon!

2. Google Docs

We mentioned the importance of planning using Google Docs in our “9 Regrets” Blog which can be found HERE.
We felt it was important enough to mention again. It should be pointed out that we are in no way sponsored by Google, though that would be amazing so Google if you are reading this…
You can make lists in Docs, plan the budget in Sheets and share the whole thing on any device.
Make checklists, double-check your progress, create and share the gift list. With very little imagination you can save so much time by downloading Docs to your device, plus it is free!

3. Homemade Vs Professional

DIY weddings are popular now and for good reason. It is personal, fun and often cheaper.
But is it always better?
Well, that depends. If you have the time and skills then make the favours, centrepieces and so on but do recognise your limits.
This also applies to friends helping out as well. Your favourite uncle may be hilarious at the family party but can he MC the speeches? Your mate knows a few card tricks but can he entertain a full room of strangers during the breakfast?
Recognising where to delegate to an expert will make your whole wedding run smoother. Plus it will keep you and your partner stress-free!

4. Choosing Your Suppliers

Ok. This is where it is going to get real for some of the suppliers reading this. And that is fine.
When planning your wedding you may not be sure who the best supplier is. So you will do what almost everyone else does and ask on social media.
Two things will happen here. First, your inbox will be full of messages and comments from suppliers who do offer that service. Second the flood of messages and comments from people who are trying to sell a different service.
Ask a supplier or someone who got married recently for their suggestions.
Looking for a photographer? Who did your friend use? Or who did you see online that you liked?
Look at their reviews, are they positive? Are they recent? Do they keep their website and social media up to date? Can you talk to them on the phone or meet with them to discuss your day?
Having people line up for work may get you a cheaper deal, yet, what is the quality of work you will get in return?
This applies to all areas of the wedding industry. Magicians are not exempt from this neither are photographers, makeup artists or anyone else.
If you do decide to ask online, look and see who is being recommended by others. The supplier may respond to a tag in a post. This is fine as they are responding to the recommendation not asking for more work.

5. Get Contracts

When you do decide on your recommended and well-reviewed service, make sure you get a contract with them. A contract protects both you and the supplier from any issues that may arise.
When you book through us, we will send you a contract via email that you can then open, read and confirm online.
It makes everything much easier and ensures that you know what to expect on the day.
If a supplier does not wish to give you a contract or asks for cash on the day, stay away.
So that is our list for 5 key things to bear in mind when planning your wedding. Did you find anything in here useful? Or know someone that would enjoy giving it a read? If so then please do share on your social media of choice.
Have fun planning your wedding and for more information about what we offer Click Here.