If you are reading this and you are currently planning your wedding you know that you only have one chance to make it PERFECT!

We have listed 9 of the biggest regrets that couples had about their wedding planning so that you don’t make the same mistakes!


There are literally hundreds of companies who are waiting for your call to be the ones to be at your wedding and while some are great, others fantastic there is a lot of rubbish.

We have worked with some amazing photographers, others quite frankly awful.

So how do you know who to go with?

Our advice is to take your time, look at their website, do they have an image gallery? Do you like how the photos look? Do they stand out? Do they specialise in weddings? What are their credentials and experience? What have others said about them?

If you get the chance to meet your photographer before the big day, are you comfortable around them, you want to look your best so you need to feel relaxed when they are around?

A good photographer will be invisible on the day, capturing the moment far better than a Photo Booth or disposable cameras ever will.

Our personal recommendation is Rachael Amos Photography and we have included a link to her website below, she is super nice, just say we sent you!

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An often overlooked part of the day is the decorations.
Do you want your guests saying wow or even completely speechless right as they walk through the door?
Thought so.

If you love your arts and crafts you can decorate yourself to make it really personal and it can be fun to find the ornaments to make the centrepieces for the tables!

Just remember to leave plenty of time when making them that you do not neglect other parts of the organising process!

If you are not particularly craft orientated, don’t have the time or just prefer to focus your attention elsewhere, then don’t be afraid to outsource.

While we won’t be recommending a particular decorator as it is such a personal experience, we will say that it is worth spending the money on higher quality as cheap looks cheap.


Keeping track of all the RSVPs, the plus ones, the seating, the parking requirements, the accessibility arrangements, not to mention the food choices, this can be a near-impossible mission.

Technology to the rescue!

We recommend Google Sheets, it’s like Microsoft Excel but free, can be accessed from anywhere, including your phone via an app!

Within minutes you can create a simple, yet elegant page with all the names of your guests, what their food options are, any notes on them, if they are all day or just reception and what your table number for them is.

That information on the day is a lifesaver and the caterer will love you forever if you can provide them with such detailed information before the event!

Plus if you want to get extra creative with it then you can colour code everything.



Two types of weddings are talked about.

The fun, amazing ones.
And the boring as hell ones.

Which one are you?

Having entertainment at your wedding is essential now, to turn it into a proper event and make sure your guests are not bored!
There are a plethora of options now from magicians (hint hint), singers, fireworks and many others.
Have you got music?

A cabaret singer or a band is always a win for people and can be a great alternative or addition to a DJ.

At this point we also suggest a magician, there are a lot of options that they can over from close-up around the tables during the breakfast, performing a stand up show for everyone to enjoy or even as a surprise guest walking around covering the photos and all those awkward moments where people don’t know what they are doing!

Whatever you decide, please try to avoid the low cost and hobbyist performers. Some can be great and even rival professionals, but at the same time, this is not assured.

You want people to be talking about the entertainment for the right reasons after all!

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A great way for your guests to remember your wedding years afterwards is to create interesting wedding favours.

There are endless options for this, one of our favourites, was a gold unicorn that we received that later on turned into a Christmas tree decoration.

While that may not have been the original intent behind it, whenever we see it now, the memories of that day are brought back!
Do you have a fun story or family in-joke that can be turned into a physical gift?

What do you as a couple enjoy and what are you known for?

We have seen some fantastic ideas from bespoke Gin crafted from ingredients grown in their own garden to cream teas to take away with the same jam that was used in the wedding cake!

Have fun with it. They do not need to be expensive goody bags like at the Oscars (seriously, have you seen what is in them!), a personal touch goes a long way!



Our next free way to make your life easier is to plan your theme.

Now while you may feel you do not have a theme, it is still worth bearing in mind the time of year, location and favourite colours or flavours that will all influence your final decisions.
On the other hand, you may want to plan a recreation of Kate and Williams wedding, have a beach theme or even base it around what brought you together.
So what can you do to make your life easier?
One word – Pinterest
For those who don’t know, Pinterest is a free social media for creating what is known as an image board.

Put more simply, if you find a picture of something you like while online, you can save it to your ‘board’.
Pinterest will then find similar images that will help you keep the ideas flowing, save them all online for you to see whenever you like and bring your dreams to life!
Don’t forget when you are done you can upload your own ideas so that other couples can be inspired by your special day!



This is something of a controversial topic but a lot of couples have felt it made a difference on their day so we will bring it up here.

Fitting into your dress or suit on the day.

Yes, we are talking about weight and fitness so when you get yourself measured and fitted you have limited control over how much weight you can gain or lose without affecting the fit.

So how can you make maintaining or losing that unwanted bit of weight easier and more efficient?

Get a personal trainer.

A good personal trainer will work with you, discuss your goals, lifestyle and ability, then come up with a personalised plan that will, with work, have you looking your best on your special day.

It has become very fashionable to have a personal trainer now, lots of Hollywood actors and actresses use them to get them into shape ready for an upcoming movie role, and while you may not desire to push it as far as they might, you will always benefit from their insight!

Finding a personal trainer is similar to picking your photographer. Pick who makes you feel comfortable and listens to your needs and goals, rather than just setting what they feel you ‘should’ be doing.

Do remember that they will push you, don’t take the constructive criticism as a negative and you will be amazed how you look and feel when walking down the aisle!



It’s your wedding day, you are getting ready and you decide to apply a new moisturiser or use a different shampoo in the morning.

Two hours later you are red, swollen and no amount of foundation or concealer will hide it.
It’s like one of those sitcom situations that you did not think happens to real people.
But it has.

And we have seen it happen more than once.
Allergies to certain products can happen so easily and this is not meant to scare anyone but your wedding day is not the time to experiment with your cosmetics!
If you have any allergies, make sure to mention it to your Make Up Artist or on your visit to the Spa.

Sounds like a simple thing to avoid and it is.

But we have seen it happen!


This is the ultimate lifesaver.

We have recommended this to every couple we have spoken to when discussing wedding planning.

Have an emergency bag.

So what do you put in there?

For the ladies, you may want to put in additional makeup, as well as makeup remover wipes. Just make sure you have the same brand that you used in the morning!

As well as that we recommend some flat shoes, plasters, antihistamines, deodorant, paracetamol and a bottle of water.

For the men, you really need to have the first aid bits, but also we would say put a pair of shoelaces in.

This may seem daft but accidents do happen, people trip, laces snap and high heels do get sore after a while!

Having this tucked away can leave you refreshed and carrying on, without having to slip away to your room, so you can spend your time with your friends and family!

If it is never used then fantastic, but trust us, you would rather have it and not need it than not have it and need it!

Well, there it is.

Nine whole things that couples have regretted not doing on their special day!

Don’t fall into these simple traps and have an awesome time planning everything.

If you have found any of these tips useful, then please do share them with your friends on social media!

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