Kieron Johnson

Kieron Johnson from Taunton is considered to be one of the most creative magicians in the world!  From close-up to TV consultant there is nothing he cannot do!

About Kieron

To describe Kieron Lefever’s magic is no easy task – it’s like nothing you have ever seen before, and you won’t see anything like it again. Whether he’s producing gifts from a flash of fire,  finding your signed playing card inside a solid block of ice; or even hammering a solid 6” nail up his nose – Kieron always makes an impression.

Kieron is an award-winning magician (accolades include War of the Wizards first place winner “Best magic trick” 2012 – 2013 at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival) and a member of the prestigious Magic Circle, he is based in Taunton, performing Close up Table Magic and Stage Magic across the Taunton area to Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Oxford, London and beyond. As a Wedding Magician, Corporate Magician and a Party Magician he is regularly flown out by clients to entertain abroad. Kieron is just at home in the grandest of mansions to more intimate front rooms.

Why Book Kieron?

  • Creative and strange close-up magic.
  • Stage performer with unique one-man show.
  • 6 Month Advance Booking is required.
  • Highly sought after TV and Theatre consultant.
  • Creator of several effects seen on Britains Got Talent.

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