Simon South

Simon South is a sideshow magician from Liverpool.  Incredible bizarre, close-up and stage magic that has audiences gasping in disbelief!

About Simon

Simon is a very hard magician to explain to people.  Based in Liverpool and possessing the quirky, some might say downright odd traits of a silent film comedian, with off the wall magic and mind reading that will leave you wondering just what happened?

Known not only for his close up magical abilities which have won him many accolades, but also he is a freak.  Literally. Simon is one of the few performers in the UK who performs the unusual, strange and sometimes even dangerous sideshow acts, that you might have heard about from the circuses of old!

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Why Book Simon?

  • Offers both stage and close-up performances, depending on the size of the audience.
  • Unique Sideshow act that has to be seen to be believed.
  • Award-winning wedding magician, advance booking is required.
  • Booked internationally for festivals, cruise ships and stage shows.
  • Perfect for cabaret, burlesque and your more unusual events.

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