Yesterday, Chris was booked to entertain for a wedding reception. Afterwards, we decided to talk about our experiences so you can read about what we do in action!
Fisherman’s Cot is a beautiful restaurant in Tiverton, Devon. Set right by a river giving it wonderful views, especially on clear days. 
This was an intimate wedding of around 30-40 people. The bride had met us at a wedding fair, decided to book the “Magic Show Stand” to entertain her guests in the evening.
Reception entertainment is completely different from the wedding breakfast. There are more people walking around, mingling and talking about the events of the day. Also, several people who were not at the ceremony are being filled in on all the day’s activities.
Even with smaller weddings, guests were lively, getting involved in the close-up magic. During this parlour show, Chris performed effects that wouldn’t be possible otherwise!
Soon, we will have some photos and videos of the night. Once we do, we will be certain to share them with you all in an update post, so do keep checking back for that!
If you are having a more intimate wedding, do consider the “Magic Show Stand”. It is an amazing talking point your guests will love!

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