Why Have Wedding Flowers? – 3 Min Read

Flowers have been a part of wedding ceremonies for thousands of years. Now being one of the top trends of 2019 it doesn’t look like this tradition is going anywhere soon. So, why are flowers still such a popular choice and why were they chosen to be a part of the big day to begin with?

Traditional Beginnings

Flowers were, and still are, visual representations of new life. We await the first signs of tiny, white snowdrops. Peeking out of the frosted grounds after a long Winter as this means Spring is right around the corner.
Years ago Greek and Roman couples would wear garlands of flowers around their necks. This was to symbolise new life and promote fertility.
Now think of the Bride carrying a gorgeous colourful bouquet as she walks down the aisle. Original bouquets were made of fresh herbs. It’s believed that the pungent smell would repulse evil spirits. Keeping them from kidnapping the bride and bringing misfortune.
Another theory is that bathing wasn’t common and most families shared the same bath water. Because of this the bouquet’s scent would have helped overpower the bride’s own ‘fragrant’ odour.
Another tradition is the throwing of the bouquet. Now used as a playful way of predicting who will be the next to marry. Originally, this was to distract the crowd so the bride and groom could sneak away, maybe it still is?

Meaning of Flowers

Your flowers can be as simple as your colour theme, personal favourites or going seasonal. What you may not know is that flowers have a whole language of their own. The Victorians created Floriography. A secret way to speak with their beloved without others knowing.
Here are some of our favourite flowers and their meanings. You may like to incorporate some of these into your wedding day.
  • Daisies – Innocence and Purity
  • Roses – Love
  • Violets – Faithfulness
  • Phlox – Our souls are united
  • Carnations – Pure love
  • Daffodils – New beginnings
  • Orchids – Love and Femininity
  • Tulips – Perfect love
  • Zinnia – Endurance
  • Penoy – Happy marriage

Different Ways To Incorporate Flowers

The traditional uses of flowers at a wedding are as bouquets, boutineers, and as decor. With nature becoming a popular wedding theme, flowers used in more innovative ways.
Brides are incorporating flowers into their outfits as jewellery. Wrapping beautiful garlands of flowers around their necks, arms and heads. This harks back to flowers original place in the wedding ceremony. Rather than centrepieces, flowers are used into the wedding reception creating indoor gardens. This is perfect for outdoor weddings without the risk of rain spoiling your special day.


As with all traditions, there may be some that not everyone wants to keep for their own wedding day. Whereas flowers are an expected decoration they may not be exactly your cup of tea. Are one of the unlucky ones who suffer from hayfever? The thought of being surrounded by allergy-provoking pollen fills you with dread.
Have no fear as there are wonderful alternatives that will still look as beautiful as the real thing. Also as they are artificial, will make an everlasting momentum.
Flowers created from silk, fabric, paper and jewellery match your theme. Without the risk of not blooming on time or not being the correct size and colour. If you are looking for inspiration then we recommend our friends “Bespoke Parchment”. Check out their amazing Instagram by CLICKING HERE.
We hope that this has given you some food for thought and if you like this type of non-magical content, then let us know!
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